How to extract COP.SGN files (Cisco CallManager) using HxD and WinRAR

Cisco Option files (COP Files or COP.SGN) are packages of software released for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) that add new functionality, fixes, and other optional components such as locales or updated phone firmware versions.

This document details how to essentially convert a “cop.sgn” file to a “tar,gz” file; If you want to know how to extract the “cop.sgn” archive and access it’s contents, follow the steps below.

The COP file is basically a tar.gz (or GZIP’ed file), with an encryption header that makes it unrecognizable to archive packages such as WinRAR.

If you don’t have already, you’ll need two pieces of software:

  1. A hex editor. I use HxD, which is free (
  2. A file archiver/archive extractor. I use WinRAR, which is also free (

Once you have downloaded and installed these, open the “COP.SGN” file you wish to extract using HxD. In this example I used the current CallManager 9.1 Device Package Set  (cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.11012-1.cop.sgn).

Run HxD, and open the .cop.sgn file as shown below:

Inline image 1

Next you want to find the name of the file you just opened on the right hand side and highlight it; Once you do this, following what you’ve highlighted you will see the HEX sequence “00 1F 8B 08”. Once you’ve located this from the main window (with the HEX characters) starting right before “1F 8B 08” and select all HEX characters above it all the way to the start and select cut (or delete the characters), in this example shown below.

Inline image 2

After you do this your file and main window displaying the HEX characters should start with “1F 8B 08” which is the magic number indicating the start of a tar.gz file.

Inline image 3

Now that the file starts with the magic number for a “tar.gz” file, go ahead and goto File -> Save As -> and type “.tar.gz” at the end of the file name. In this example “cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.11012-1.cop.sgn.tar.gz

That’s it, now you should be able to extract the contents of the file using any archiver tool that can extract .tar.gz files (such was WinRAR), in WinRAR’s case, simply right click on the filename and click Extract!


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  1. Luke 9 March 2016 at 3:50 am #

    …or just download and use 7-zip and just r-click + extract.

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