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Change Default Application To Open With OS X

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To change the default application OS X opens with when you double click a file. Click once on the file (highlight) in Finder Choose File -> Get Info (or Apple+I) Select the application you want to open that file under “Open with” Click on (Change All) button to apply this globally

Mazimum Transmission Unit (MTU) Frame Size in OS X

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The approaches below use the pico editor, but any text editor will do. A paper describing the SystemStarter process can be found at: Determining correct MTU Size MTU = maximum IP datagram that can be sent over an interface, including IP headers. This must be less than or equal to the maximum size data […]

15.4 Macbook Pro with WUXGA 1920×1200 Display

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This will technically void any Applecare warranty you might have. The hardest part is removing the screws from the bottom of the front of the screen, and removing the panel if it is glued in (some instances it is). Older 15 inch Macbook Pros 2.33 or < can be modified to include a WUXGA LCD […]